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Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Best High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal

Homeowners across Montreal recognize high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning as being a high-quality window cleaning service that offers competitive window cleaning prices. Our reputation has been earned over the years, with lots of work done and thousands of pristine windows left behind us. Our motivated franchise owners helped us win rave reviews, awards, and recognition in Entrepreneur's 2014 Franchise 500 rankings. These are only a select few of the reasons that you know you get your money's worth with our window cleaning prices. Read on to find out more about why High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal cost outperforms the competition!

We do more than you expect for the price you pay.

Many window cleaning companies operate according to an up-selling service model. Though it is standard practice to scale the window cleaning cost to the number of windows being cleaned at your home or business, up-selling services on the day of the appointment are not.

We have better training, techniques, and equipment than our competitors.

Our competitive rates give you unparalleled access to the best training, cleaning techniques, and equipment in the industry! We use WG-57, our signature versatile cleaning solution, ensuring you an excellent and environmentally-friendly clean space every time. This product is clinging foam eliminates any chances of outdoors spills that could harm the environment (though our eco-friendly formula will not!) or indoor spills that could stain. Additionally, this product has a dust and grime-repelling effect after application, so that your pristine clean will last even longer.

High rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning prices also give you great value because you get access to our 3-step cleaning process. In addition to our soaping and squeegeeing, High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal services also involve a window-scraping step. This lets us clean your window panes of any saps or stuck-on grime that regular cleaning cannot handle. Some companies offer this service for an extra fee, but High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal includes this important step in your window cleaning cost!

We believe in fairness and customer satisfaction. The best way to achieve both aims in our mind is to be completely transparent with our window counting protocol. Our Window Care program is another way we outperform the competition in a head-to-head value comparison. Our Window Care program is essentially a subscription style cleaning schedule so that you do not have to think about booking an appointment for another year. It is not hard to see why High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal has quickly become Montreal's commercial and residential window cleaning authority.

Aqua Shine Cleaners Launch High Rise Window Cleaning Services

Windows are an essential part of any building, residential or commercial, as they not only increase their beauty but also provide ventilation. Aqua Shine is a high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning company that increase the beauty of your home or commercial site externally as well as internally by keeping their windows clean. Our motto is to provide sparkling and crystal clear windows all over the Montreal area. They guarantee to satisfy our customers by providing them streak free windows by reaching hard-to-reach spaces effortlessly and using the best quality cleaning products.

Though Aqua Shine offers a broad range of window cleaning services in Montreal, we have recently launched the cleaning services for the windows of high-rise commercial and residential buildings. Brief information about the window cleaning services provided by us are provided in this write-up for your reference.

All Season Window Cleaning Services

The windows in Montreal are consistently exposed to a full range of elements like changing weather conditions throughout the year such as snow, wind, and rain. Moreover, dust, pollens, insects and bird droppings also attack window panes throughout the year. In such conditions, we provide all season window cleaning services as per the needs of your luxurious homes and buildings to give your clear external view every time you see through them.

Residential High-Rise Window Cleaning

Airborne grime and contaminants collected on the panes of the windows of your home can wear out their looks. Every homeowner wants to revive the pristine image of their windows by removing dust and grime accumulated on their glasses. Some people try to use DIY methods for this purpose, but they can be dangerous especially in the case of high-rise buildings. In such situation, we can be the best option to clean all of the windows of your residential buildings in Montreal.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

If you deal in hospitality or food industry, then you should keep in mind that dirty windows can distract the visitors from your space. You should keep your windows clean and well sanitized to impress the potential customer to come to your place. Aqua Shine ensures to provide you the lively and bright windows situated at an unusual height of high-rise commercial buildings.

Things included in Windows Cleaning Package

The main aim of Aqua Shine is to provide a sparkling clear glass of the windows in high-rise buildings. So, in the window cleaning package, we focus on cleaning window panes thoroughly along with cleaning fly screens and wiping window frames. We also ensure to remove hard to erase marks like spots of paint or scratch on and sides of the windows. They also try to remove scratches and a clean sliding portion of the windows flawlessly.

Safety and reliability of High-Rise Window Cleaning Services

Aqua Shine not only cleans the windows of high rise buildings carefully but also keeps them free from dangerous substances. You can rely on our window cleaning services as we have satisfied a large number of customers since we have started as high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning company in Montreal.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

How Important is Commercial Window Cleaning for Your Business?

Say, for instance, a vital client is standing outside your building who takes a glance to the windows above. What do you think will impress him or her more- clear shiny windows or dirty windows where grime, dust, and a sign of bird droppings are clearly visible? Obviously, you want to make an excellent impression of your business. After all, a well-cleaned and healthful workplace is proof that you are sincere towards your work and know the value of professionalism.

However, if you think you can handle the task of cleaning windows or ask your employees to do that, you are sadly mistaken. Sometimes windows on commercial buildings are so high that it is not possible for unequipped personnel to access them. Windows on high rise buildings are hard-to-reach, and only a professional with all the necessary tools and equipment can clean them effectively. This is what makes
commercial window cleaning so important.

Most importantly, regular commercial window cleaning can significantly improve the overall aesthetics of your building. Clean and bright windows not only make a good impression on employees and potential customers but also keep debris and dirt from affecting your Windows negatively. When your windows are free from the accumulation of dirt and grime, they create a healthy and more comfortable atmosphere inside which is beneficial for both the employees and customers.

How Can We Help You?

Window Cleaning Montreal offers commercial window cleaning in your area to make sure your windows give a view beyond a dirty window frame. We have a team of seasoned professionals, environment-friendly cleaning solutions and highly advanced tools and equipment to perform outstanding window cleaning. We will go all-out to improve the appearance of your building inside and out.

Get Gutter and Window Cleaning Services at Affordable Rates

Whether you are a homeowner or own a business or commercial building, you should know the significance of good maintenance practices. For any home or building, it is of utmost importance to have regular inspections, gutter cleaning, and other cleaning services done. Periodic and thorough maintenance services are vital for improving the look of your place and increasing the lifespan of your property.

We are the industry leader in high-end cleaning and maintenance services including gutter cleaning and commercial window cleaning. As the most reliable and well-equipped
high rise window cleaning company in your area, we use the best cleaning products and methods to give you properly drained gutters and flawlessly shining windows. We have been taking care of the commercial and residential properties of Montreal for years now. Over the years, our professionals have gained both the experience and expertise to offer outstanding cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

As the best high rise window cleaning company, we are dedicated to providing unequaled gutter and window cleaning services at affordable rates. Our professional team will inform you of the upfront prices after evaluating the work at your place. We are unlike other cleaning companies that often come up with hidden fees and rip you of your hard-earned money.

We have cutting-edge technologies at our disposal to perform remarkable gutter cleaning and all the necessary tools to ensure safe window cleaning. Our trained window cleaners are proud to offer an extensive range of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions for secure and efficient window cleaning. We offer this at affordable rates because we want every property owner should be able to afford regular cleaning of his building. It will improve the look of your building and enhance the productivity of your business.

The Best High Rise Window Cleaning Company Montreal

Homeowners across Montreal recognize high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning as being a high-quality window cle...