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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Aqua Shine Cleaners Launch High Rise Window Cleaning Services

Windows are an essential part of any building, residential or commercial, as they not only increase their beauty but also provide ventilation. Aqua Shine is a high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning company that increase the beauty of your home or commercial site externally as well as internally by keeping their windows clean. Our motto is to provide sparkling and crystal clear windows all over the Montreal area. They guarantee to satisfy our customers by providing them streak free windows by reaching hard-to-reach spaces effortlessly and using the best quality cleaning products.

Though Aqua Shine offers a broad range of window cleaning services in Montreal, we have recently launched the cleaning services for the windows of high-rise commercial and residential buildings. Brief information about the window cleaning services provided by us are provided in this write-up for your reference.

All Season Window Cleaning Services

The windows in Montreal are consistently exposed to a full range of elements like changing weather conditions throughout the year such as snow, wind, and rain. Moreover, dust, pollens, insects and bird droppings also attack window panes throughout the year. In such conditions, we provide all season window cleaning services as per the needs of your luxurious homes and buildings to give your clear external view every time you see through them.

Residential High-Rise Window Cleaning

Airborne grime and contaminants collected on the panes of the windows of your home can wear out their looks. Every homeowner wants to revive the pristine image of their windows by removing dust and grime accumulated on their glasses. Some people try to use DIY methods for this purpose, but they can be dangerous especially in the case of high-rise buildings. In such situation, we can be the best option to clean all of the windows of your residential buildings in Montreal.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

If you deal in hospitality or food industry, then you should keep in mind that dirty windows can distract the visitors from your space. You should keep your windows clean and well sanitized to impress the potential customer to come to your place. Aqua Shine ensures to provide you the lively and bright windows situated at an unusual height of high-rise commercial buildings.

Things included in Windows Cleaning Package

The main aim of Aqua Shine is to provide a sparkling clear glass of the windows in high-rise buildings. So, in the window cleaning package, we focus on cleaning window panes thoroughly along with cleaning fly screens and wiping window frames. We also ensure to remove hard to erase marks like spots of paint or scratch on and sides of the windows. They also try to remove scratches and a clean sliding portion of the windows flawlessly.

Safety and reliability of High-Rise Window Cleaning Services

Aqua Shine not only cleans the windows of high rise buildings carefully but also keeps them free from dangerous substances. You can rely on our window cleaning services as we have satisfied a large number of customers since we have started as high rise window cleaning company and commercial window cleaning company in Montreal.


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